Your Guitar Photo

The beauty of your instrument, as displayed on your new shirt, can only be as good as the photograph you provide us with. Here are a few requirements and tips that will help us get a great result:

  • The photo needs to be taken from a direct, flat-on to the top of the guitar perspective, not at an angle. You should not be able to see much if any of the sides of the instrument. All our designs work with that perspective.
  • If your design requires a full guitar (full body to the head stock) then make sure that’s what you provide. If it doesn’t require that, zoom in and capture mostly just the body, along with a dozen frets or so. (approx 6” of the neck showing beyond the body)
  • Other than the fretboard we just mentioned, don’t chop off any part of the guitar.
  • Take the photo in good (preferably daytime) light, but not direct sunlight.
  • Do not use flash
  • Try to eliminate glare and/or odd reflections and hotspots, as you look through the viewfinder.
  • Take the shot with the guitar against a plain background, preferably non-textured, that contrasts well with the guitar. (we have to be able to see the shape of the instrument clearly)
  • The image has to be sharp and contain detail (not out of focus or blurry)
  • The photo needs to be as high resolution as possible; email “actual size” don’t rez down to Large or Medium.

Pretty well all mobile phone cameras are good enough quality these days to get great results, so no need to use a high-end camera.

If there’s a problem with your photo, don’t worry we’ll let you know, and you’ll have a chance to try again.